All Sorts of Blogger Weirdness

Okay, first some people still can’t comment. This is aggravating as hell. I’ve signed off, signed on, and tried it both on a Mac and PC and have no troubles. Other people do. It seems to be a problem with the comment box issue. Evan e-mailed me and said hitting tab a few times got him to the place it needed to be, and it worked fine after that. Not sure if I quite understood what he meant but I hope he explains it here. He’s right, though, my comments have dropped way off so there is a problem. Jose said it might be an iframe height (the iframe’s id=”comment-editor”) in my template only my template doesn’t HAVE this tag which means it’s something that’s expanded from a Blogger meta-tag. I am self-hosted and don’t use Blogger.

Also, when I republished my blog last time the post count changed. It was very odd. I went exploring and found that a few old posts were there twice and when I republished the entire blog, the duplicates vanished. I had explained that for a while (see blogger’s help forum) posts with spaces in the URL appeared twice “Name Post” and “Name%20Post” which is technically the same thing, but Blogger was saving them twice. If I wasn’t so lazy, I’d change services and deal with the loss of page rank.

I will keep everyone updated on the blog situation. I am still wondering what the deal is because, honestly, it was working after I made the big change to the new format. I suspect Blogger has changed something with their meta-tags.

My front stitches are out. Yay. However, my infection — on the inside with the self-dissolving stitches — is pretty bad. I am on 4x day antibiotics and have been to the ER three times now for this. I have to go back again for a follow up. Also, my teeth really hurt so once this is fixed, I’m probably going to have to get them checked by a dentist. Considering I’ve barely eaten for five days due to my mouth, it’s not surprising I’ve lost six pounds. However, since I’ve not been using my teeth except to chew mushy stuff and drinking liquids, the fact they’re hurting badly anyway is not a good sign. However, with this infection inside my mouth, there’s no way the dentist can touch the teeth. The aftermath looks pretty ugly, but I hope it heals okay. Lots of scabbing and scarring and such.

Other than that, nothing to report. I am excited about seeing the new Potter film this weekend especially since I was disappointed in the last one a bit.

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