Hockey and Lips

I went to the local Urgent Care Centre last night and my stitches are infected. Yay me. Blech. I am now on an antibiotic and have to go back to have them removed tomorrow if all goes well. I hope so because they really hurt. They pretty much implied they weren’t installed properly, nor was I given proper care instructions for them.

I also went to a presentation on sleep disorders — that’s actually what brought me to the medical plaza — and it was a bit dry if very informative. I think I’m going to have to sign up for one and see if my snoring and not sleeping are related. It mostly focused on sleep apnea, though I don’t think that’s my issue. The doctor (a nice South African guy named Dr Lance Cohen) did say one thing that shocked a lot of people. He said that if you have kids and they snore, it’s not cute, but a very dangerous thing and you should see a doctor right away. He said small children should never snore (unless they have a cold or something). He said it’s a sign of blocked airflow and medical attention is required. I pass that factoid along for my friends with kids.

Today the NHL schedule came out. Yay. Rather than post it here, you can find the Panthers schedule here. I know you all care. I do.

Some people seem to continue to have trouble commenting on my blog posts. I see the comments mentioning it, but I am unable to reproduce this on either a PC or Mac using Firefox or Safari. I have mucked about the settings a bit and hit ‘republish’ and hope this fixes things for no good reason. Maybe clean your browser cache — something you should do every few weeks anyway to keep your favourite websites loading properly. Still, I believe it’s an issue with Blogger. Sorry.

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