Updates and Such (Microsoft, Health, etc)

Let’s start with something that amuses me: A US federal court judge has banned Microsoft from selling Word over patent infringement claims and has added a $290 million dollar fine for willful infringement. Microsoft, of course, plans to appeal. This will be like the case where Apple sued them for stealing the trash-can on the desktop and was ultimately settled out of court. Microsoft can’t afford to not ship Word.

I want to thank all the people who have expressed concern so far. Yeah, I feel like absolute shite. I sleep all night and wake up more tired than when I go to bed, I am not eating, losing weight, can concentrate, and all that good stuff. There is obviously a cause, and it will be found. I am optimistic on that front. Co-workers, friends, and so on all tell me I don’t look well, and considering how I feel it’s no wonder.

I have managed to get my cardiologist appointment moved up to Tuesday. I am pretty much unable to function properly. I fell asleep last night while watching Blazing Saddles, the funniest movie ever. That can’t be a good sign. I’ve asked Dad to cancel the rest of his vacation and come home and he’s obliging me. I’m normally skeptical of parental support but he’s been super for the most part.

Today at physical therapy (whiplash bit) I fell asleep in the waiting room. I fell asleep again on the exercise table while lifting the weight. And a third time while being iced (but that’s okay — that’s when I’m supposed to be relaxed).

I’ll have to discuss this with the doctor, but I don’t understand how I can be so exhausted if my heart is working and my blood flow is fine and my cell counts are fine and so on. Because they are all spot-on. So something else is wrong — it’s got to be something with the PAC. Anyway, I hope to discuss it with him.

I’ve updated my will, just finished, and now must contact a probate lawyer — already was recommended one by the legendary Razzie to have it all looked over. Just in case, you know. I haven’t touched this thing since 2002 and it was a mess. I added and removed people, updated contact details, and so on and so forth. But don’t panic, I plan to be around to haunt you for a while yet.

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