USA 5, Canada 3: A Game for the Ages

The USA versus Canada hockey game was one of the best ever. Intense, exciting, invigorating, captivating, energetic, awesome! This game is what all hockey games should aspire to be. It’s definitely one of the five best I’ve ever seen. Probably the second best and only because I must give the edge to the 1980 Miracle on Ice game for sheer historical importance even though that game wasn’t nearly as good.

This game judging by all the comments and interaction with my friends, they all agree that this was the best or one of the top few games they’ve ever seen. The media seems to agree, or at least the media that’s weighed in so far. And, as all athletes should know, never run your mouth off leading up to a game. It usually ends just like this one: foot planted firmly in mouth.

It’s nice to see players give it everything they have with zero laziness. Even that whiny bitch Sidney Crosby tried, though I am pleased he left disappointed. My Canadian half was a little sad, but overall this game — the first US victory over Canada in about fifty years if my history serves, left me feeling very satisfied and satiated. I’m not looking forward to the return of the NHL after the Olympics, since it can only be a let-down.

If the NHL was smart — and they’re a bunch of effing idiots — they’d capitalize on this game. This is what makes this sport great. Get out there and communicate it. The Panthers should do their part to capitalize on this upswing, but they’re just incompetent and unless it’s selling advertising, they’ll just screw it up.

Rumour has it, this take of the Herb Brooks speech was played as motivation.

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