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So many things to report….

First, a big thank you to John and Liz for their hospitality last night. There was BBQ and music and fun all around. I’m glad I went. Tasty. A bit spicy and my acid reflux didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as I did. Oh well, sometimes you gotta’ live a little. Now on to […]

Randomness Part Eight

What a weekend. The Panthers won Friday and Sunday giving us a total of four wins in a row. Yay, Panthers. Next up, I’m sitting in Thomas’ car on Sunday and he’s driving. We’re both wearing seat belts. Though I often give him crap for his driving, he’s a pretty good (i.e.: very cautious) driver. […]

Apple, Beatles Label Plan Announcement Today

EMI Group PLC (the Beatles’ record Label) said Sunday it planned to unveil “an exciting new digital offering” with computer company Apple, raising expectations that The Beatles’ music catalog is about to be made available through Apple’s iTunes online music store. Apple’s attempts to make the Beatles available on iTunes were hampered by a long-running […]

Beatles on iTunes and iPod: One Step Closer?

Apple (Computer) Inc. has reached a surprise agreement with Apple Corps Ltd., the record label started by The Beatles in 1968, concerning the use of the name “Apple” and related logos. Under the terms of the agreement announced Monday, Apple Inc. (formerly Apple Computer) will own all trademarks and logos related to the name “Apple” […]

iPhone, iPod, Beatles, and Apple’s New Name

Welcome, Apple Inc. That’s the new name of Apple Computer, Inc. The word “computer” has gone missing as they foray further and further into consumer electronics. Today the announcement of the iPhone (surprising absolutely nobody) and the Apple TV unit were met with great reviews. Shares of all rival phone makers plummeted an average of […]

Beatles: only on iPod via iTunes?

The whole article is here, but I am going excerpt from it. Yes, the long rumoured move is about nigh! The Beatles come to your iPod. And that may prompt me to buy another iPod. I had one, you know, and then I sold it on eBay. Well, you’ve all seen the cool black U2 […]

Cirque Du Soleil: Love (Beatles)

Saturday night I finally saw the latest in the Cirque Du Soleil oeuvre, Love. First, let me state that it was wonderful through and through and I highly recommend into to anyone as entertainment. However, this should not be the first Cirque you ever see. I’ll explain why below. The music was outstanding, but that’s […]

Lennon The Musical (Review of Preview)

This is a retro-post. I put this online 24 December 2005 using the date it was originally sent out. (FIRST, an excerpt from the San Jose Mercury News) MUSICAL ABOUT THE COUNTERCULTURE ICON JUMPS ON BROADWAY’S NOSTALGIA BANDWAGONBy Karen D’Souza “Imagine all the people sharing all the world.” Now imagine nine actors, male and female, […]