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Boxing Day in London (Trip Day Two)

Boxing Day, a true English tradition brings the legendary sales with tens of thousands of people mobbing every store, most notably Harrods. So, of course, we avoided most of those places. We woke up to a dreary, wet, cold, day and went to our usual breakfast place only to find that their cook had done […]

Kiss Alive 35 Concert Review, Nucor (Brief), and Announcements

Disc versus Disk. I covered this in my blog well over a year ago (see here) and now none other than Apple Computer has weighed in on the same subject. They pretty much mirror my explanation with one notable exception. Nice to know they agree with me. I want to plug this post called 121 […]

Hack, Wheeze, Sniffle

As you may have possibly gathered from the subject line, I’m sick. It started last night after 8pm when I developed a dry, hacking cough. Because there was no good reason for it, and I felt otherwise fine, I assume it wasn’t a big deal and just an irritated throat. I took some Hydromet before […]

National Anthems And Such — Patriotic Music

I got in an argument today with someone over this song, which all of my US readers know as My Country Tis of Thee though the proper title is America. The person claimed that this song is an American song. The lyrics are, indeed, American. But the melody, and therefore the song, are not American. […]

Today’s Report….

Sleep still eludes me, but hopefully a solution to that is forthcoming. It’s been about two months since I’ve slept through the night and it is taking its toll on me. Blech. Enough about that in this blog. I read the final book “Myth Alliances” in the Myth series by Robert Apsrin. He died earlier […]

Apple and stuff that’s way more interesting

I am an Apple fan and have been for a long, long time. So I wish to say I am quite disappointed in today’s Apple announcements. Seriously anti-climactic if you ask me. There was much anticipation, and it was followed by much boredom. Far more interesting today 9-9-09 was the Beatles release of their entire […]

So many things to report….

First, a big thank you to John and Liz for their hospitality last night. There was BBQ and music and fun all around. I’m glad I went. Tasty. A bit spicy and my acid reflux didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as I did. Oh well, sometimes you gotta’ live a little. Now on to […]

Friday Randomness and PirateBay

First, from CNET, we have the confirmation of the long-awaited and long-rumoured Lord of the Rings on Blu-Ray. Woot. This excites me on so many levels. The actual report is about the boom in Blu-Ray sales which are, no matter what anyone says, the result of HD-DVD’s collapse which caused player prices to plummet. Second, […]

Just A Little Thing

Michael Jackson’s comeback at the O2 has been extended to 50 shows (Nearly 20,000 a show or a 860,000 people) and completely sold out. It will be the biggest concert series ever and has set multiple world records. A brief article appears on the CBC here. Part of me almost wants to go just to […]

Some various Things

Wacko Jacko will now play a total of 50 shows at the O2 which have all sold out. All of them. Wow. I wonder if he’ll actually do them or cancel out like he does everything. Cousin Melanie has produced the most amazing book of family photos I’ve ever seen. Wow. I cannot wait to […]