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Another Mac In The Wall

I normally just write about what’s on my mind and don’t take requests as it were. However, because the topic was so appropriate for me and because the person who sent it to me is as cute as a button (Erin), I’ve got no other choice than to throw it on my blog for all […]

Iriomote Cats, English Teachers, Yellow Submarine, and Bush Declares Martial Law

Today we have another random group of eclectic posts. Way back in December 2006, I wrote about the Baiji Dolphin become extinct. Truly a sad thing, indeed. Well, it’s about to happen again to another species. Now, Japan’s Iriomote Cat is Headed for Annihilation according to the latest news. I am far more saddened about […]

PS2 Most-Played Console in June according to Nielsen

Excerpt: NEW YORK (AP) – More than 68 million people played video games on a console last month, spending much of it on Sony Corp.’s older PlayStation 2, according to Nielsen research. Seven years after its launch, Sony’s PS2 was still the most-played console, accounting for 42 percent of video game use during the month. […]

HD-DVD versus Blu-Ray: Strike One

Ah, the video wars: HD-DVD versus Blu-Ray. I’ve been a champion of Blu-Ray for a number of reasons, and now it looks like the first real step towards a “winner” has been made. Blockbuster is going to go Blu-Ray. I favour Blu-Ray because it’s a better viewing experience, it stores a larger amount of data […]

Mac v PC: South Park Style

Okay, I’m not fond of posting YouTube links, and this one’s priceless — if you prefer to zip over to YouTube directly, here’s a direct link.  The volume’s a bit low, so you may want to crank it up. This is an unbiased video too, so it matters not if you’re pro-PC or pro-Mac, this […]

The Most Exciting Numbers Since Lost

The last numbers that generated this much excitement were “4 8 15 16 23 42” from the hit TV show Lost. What is it about the code “O9_F9_ll_o2_9D_74_E3” when coupled with “5B_D8_41_56_C5_63_56_88_CO” that has everyone so riled up? A fascinating question for the uninitiated. That code (at least through 1 May 2007) would unlock any […]

More Nails For Windows Vista’s Coffin

Another person has added to the list of reasons that Windows Vista is now looking more like the infamous Windows ME than the future of Microsoft‘s. I have many posts about Windows Vista (see the tags below) but this is the most important one of them all. Microsoft has turned on itself. And Dave Jewell […]

Another Blow To Vista

In another blow to Microsoft‘s latest version of Windows, “Vista”, Dell has been forced to backtrack its Windows Vista only decision (news article), and is now shipping XP based systems due to overwhelming demand from its customers. While I am torn at whether or not to blog this because I hate Dell more than almost […]

Post 300: Microsoft’s Arrogance And Stupidity

An interesting article (here) about Windows Vista by Andrew Grygus. It’s fitting that my 300th post is yet another tirade against Windows. Actually, it’s more my commentary on someone else’s tirade. This guy is vehemently anti-Mac and I’m still going to talk about what he had to say because he gets it. Microsoft has gone […]

Another Pundit, Another Kudos for Apple

Why is the Mac crowd often called zealots? Well, I do have to agree, the answer is because we are. But more importantly, it’s because Apple rocks. This is not a case of blind loyalty by minions with the IQ of a cinder-block* but rather a loyalty based on years of trust and (mostly) mutual […]