Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: The Review

Ah, yes, Mister Potter. As has been traditional, I saw the latest Potter film with Jace and Grant. No reason to break that tradition as it’s always been a fun thing to do. First, I think I will go on record as saying this 2h 48m monstrosity is the best Potter yet. And I am happy because I really didn’t enjoy the last Potter film.

I’ve always thought Daniel Radcliffe made a great Potter and every film he proves it while Emma Watson (Hermione) is the least changed in her role and that’s a good thing, for she is the rock that anchors all three friends. Rupert Grint (Ron) continues to get better as he gets older. Mercifully Tom Felton (Draco) barely appears at all. I guess when you cast a film of kids, you have no idea how they’ll look down the road. And poor Neville Longbottom looks like he’s play by a different actor than when the films started.

There was, as to be expected, chunks of book just gone missing. But I realize stuff has to be left out. They spend some time on the horcrux because it’s so important to the book. There are so many characters, very few get a lot of screen time other than Harry, Ron, and Dumbledore. Even poor Hermione is barely in the film. If you haven’t read the book the next bit is a spoiler: the death of Dumbledore was changed quite a bit from how I remembered it. I think it was done quite well in the film and do not find any fault at all.

Helena Bonham Carter played Bellatrix Lestrange and she was just awesome. She tore her scenes up like nothing else and I was really impressed. You’d never even know it was her.

One goof I noticed and most Londoners will notice is that this book took place in 1996 or 1997. (Not when it was written, but when it took place.) There is a scene with the Millennium Bridge which connects the Tate Modern in Southwark with Saint Paul’s Cathedral and that bridge is destroyed. That is really a neat trick since the bridge wasn’t even built until 1999. And I love that bridge. It’s amazing.

Had breakfast with Evan and the kids — no John or Liz 🙁 We then went to skating — Liz and Brenda didn’t join us, nor did anyone else for that matter. The ice was horrific. The public side is just not acceptable anymore and we’ve decided to not return. Pines Ice Arena sucks — it’s a mess and they just don’t care as evidenced by their response to our complaints as we left early. We’re going to alternate Kendall and Incredible. This will inconvenience everyone, but we just can’t skate at a rink where there are speed-bumps on the ice, the humidity is pushing 100% and there’s no effort to ensure the safety and enjoyment of the patrons.

I did laundry, went to Publix, and continue to doze on and off regularly. I think it’s time I schedule a visit to my GP for a full physical. I believe I’ve got something wrong with me. This isn’t like me. I’ll call and arrange it right after my MRI follow up this coming Tuesday. The infection in my mouth continue to improve — though it doesn’t really hurt less. The teeth in that area are killing me and are hyper-sensitive, so that is going to require some attention as soon as that infection heals. They pretty much just throb all the time. I continue to lose weight. I have bought some fattening stuff to eat that I may be able to keep down. While I want to lose weight, a pound or more a day is just unhealthy and may explain why I’m so sleepy all the time, and do indeed doze off, as well as my light-headedness. Shout out to Evan: Good luck buying the new car. Erin: good luck at the doctor Monday.

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