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Movie and Book Review

I have a few days’ worth of updates. Saturday was a busy day. Woke up and after tending to some medical business, I worked my way over to Erin’s. We ate breakfast, walked around CompUSA and Borders before I totally ran out of gas. We went back to her place and watched Flash Gordon on […]

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: The Review

Ah, yes, Mister Potter. As has been traditional, I saw the latest Potter film with Jace and Grant. No reason to break that tradition as it’s always been a fun thing to do. First, I think I will go on record as saying this 2h 48m monstrosity is the best Potter yet. And I am […]

Bruno, Books, and Stitches

I visited Erin yesterday, we went to Stevie B’s for lunch, then we went and saw Bruno (same idea as Borat). It was really, really funny. But both Erin and I agreed it had too much dick. This movie was a veritable pickle fest. Bouncing penises are not funny. But many of the jokes were. […]

The Day From Hell

It started off okay. Woke up, had a cup of tea (Decaf Earl Grey) with loads of milk and sugar. I never drink tea in the states, and this is God’s way of punishing me for breaking with custom. Met everyone at OPH for breakfast (everyone: Three Higgi, Three Berners) and the food was fine […]

Transformers II Revenge of the Fallen, The Michael Bay Vision Returns

Wow. I was figuring this would at least be as entertaining as the first one. I knew it wouldn’t be good because it is, after all, a Michael Bay film. But he does entertaining (mindless) pretty well and he does explosions great. This film had lots of explosions and toys. I think there was a […]

The Taking of Pelham 123 (The Remake) Review

First, I really liked this movie. A lot. It shares the same basic concept as its predecessor — the 1974 cult classic with Walter Matthau as Garber — a role which Denzel Washington does a fantastic job with in this remake. But John Travolta has nothing on Robert Shaw in the original. The concept is […]

Up — The Review (not much spoiling here)

I wanted to love Up because it was a Pixar film. Pixar has produced some excellent films, the only disappointment to me was Cars. First, I liked Up, but I didn’t love it. I couldn’t figure out why and I was thinking about it while waiting for lunch and on the drive home. Then, it […]

Companies That (Still) Suck and Movie Reviews

First, special venom today for Winn-Dixie (previous post) for case 790762 which on 3-3 and 3-11 they promised me a reply from their “District Office” and which hasn’t happened. At least we know why they’ve been bankrupt once already. Second, even more venom for Tony Roma’s (previous post) which still hasn’t replied about my issue […]

Night At The Museum: Smithsonian (Review)

Well it was going to be a big day out: Erin, Evan, Brenda, their two kids, The Higgi (4), and Tara (3), Karen, and Steve (2), plus me. Karen cancelled due to mother issues, Tara didn’t show for reasons unknown, and Erin had ambulatory issues (though she did join us after). I wasn’t expecting a […]

Iron Man (The Film)

I saw it today. I wasn’t looking forward to it based on the original previews but everyone said it was awesome. I finally saw it today with Adrian after our traditional breakfast at La Carreta* and ice skating. So it was entertaining, a summer pot-boiler if you will. I was also excited to see the […]