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Phoenix Coyotes to Hamilton or thereabouts in Canada?

Jim Balsillie, the CEO of RIM (the makers of the legendary CrackBerry BlackBerry), has made a formal tender off to purchase the NHL’s Phoenix Coyotes (formerly the Winnipeg Jets) from majority owner Jerry Moyes conditioned on relocation to Southern Ontario. This surprised no-one as Balsillie has several times tried to purchase NHL teams only to […]

A long Diatribe and some updates

First, I must say, the Panthers are sucking so bad, it’s embarrassing. They are a train wreck. How bad is it? Legendary fan and media-whore VanMurph finally thew a fit over it and has jumped in with the rest of us who are saying what the fuck is wrong with this team? You know, many […]

Technorati Suckitude

Technorati is pissing me off. Normally I get a fair amount of traffic from them. However, for two weeks now it’s been not updating my blog posts to their database. That means people who access this blog via Technorati are seeing “last update 14 days ago” — and I’ve been trying to get in touch […]

Random Stuff For Today

First, to those who give a shit, Happy Valentine’s Day. I currently do not. Sorry. Second, thanks to the many people who showed support on my previous quote about friends and family 🙂 Third, today skating was fun, though breakfast was so slow it was horrible. We got to the rink near 1040 instead of […]

He Shoots, He Scores. Au revoir, Les Habs :)

Yeah, okay, let’s start with a hockey post. Richard Zednik (he of the slashed throat) scored one of the most amazing goals seen since “The Goal” scored by Billy Lindsay. View Zednik’s Goal Here [LINK]* It’s been a long time since the Panthers fans have seen a complete, nearly perfect performance. And last night we […]

In This Weekend’s News

I am disgusted with the Panthers. I am disgusted with the Panthers Management, for they are most of the reason I am disgusted with the Panthers. I won’t bore you gentle readers with such a diatribe here, but it’s posted over at my Panthers Hockey Message Board if you want to read it, though posting […]

The Rocket — The Legend Of Rocket Richard

This movie has been released previously in Canada in French. The Rocket — The Legend Of Rocket Richard is now out on DVD having just been released 11 December. The DVD contains both English and French versions and I watched both to compare the two. Subtitles are also available — but not recommended. The film […]

1996 Florida Panthers Reunion Game

Almost eleven years after going to the Stanley Cup finals, the 1996 Panthers came together Saturday at the BankAtlantic Center for a reunion game against former Panther alumni plus some random people to fill out the opponent squad. A number of announced players didn’t show (Trevor Kidd, Chris Wells) and no explanation was provided. Local […]

Keenan Florida Panthers Why

I monitor my blog’s traffic to see what draws people in (see previous post) and it’s mostly uninteresting except in a statistical sort of way. However, this Google hit from earlier today made me laugh: “ keenan florida panthers why“ I can’t stand Keenan because I think he’s a prick. I don’t have much nice […]

Little fan’s final joy sees Ottawa Senators off to Cup

Okay, I am rarely moved to tears. This one got me. What a fantastic piece, and it’s a very sad story — bittersweet and poignant. You’ve got a three-year old with a terminal illness and a bunch of hockey players. It proves some athletes can do good things for good people in unfortunate circumstances. A […]