Even More Scooter News :(

First, see previous post from yesterday. I had an appointment today at 4pm to pick up Scooter and take her home. This appointment was made yesterday because Dr. Child was confident Scooter would be in better shape and able to go home. Friday afternoon is not the time to go to a vet’s office.

After a 15-minute wait, the vet came out to answer all my questions. It was Dr. Child’s day off so it was one of the other two vets. She was a bit frazzled, having finished some surgery on another critter of some sort. She patiently answered all my questions though not what I wanted to hear. They hadn’t notified my regular vet Dr. Diaz who has many years of Scooter’s medical history. They hadn’t made sure she was able to walk. They were just going to send her home and have me bring her in every day for a week for a hydration. Fortunately, I have far more sense than they do, apparently.

Scooter was brought to me, and she wasn’t struggling with the assistant which was a bad sign. They set her down and she didn’t make it two steps. I picked her up and held her. I explained to the vet how unsuitable it would be for Scooter to come home (two stories is bad if you can’t walk — too much risk of falling and getting seriously hurt trying to move around). She agreed and said they would hook Scooter up to an IV and try to rehydrate her and give her more food.

I told them I want time alone with Scooter before she went back to her cage. So, I spent a half-hour with Scooter petting her and talking to her and trying to keep her happy — all while trying not to cry. It was so pitiful I couldn’t stand it. When it was time for her to go back to the holding pens, I took her myself and wouldn’t turn her over. I am going to visit her again Sunday when Dr. Child is on duty — and I might go Saturday afternoon as well.

Things just aren’t looking too good right now. This vet has a totally different demeanour and outlook than the first vet. I left and went to my regular vet and demanded an immediate audience, and he graciously spoke to me. I explained what had happened and he agreed moving her to his office (or home) right now would just be a Really Bad idea. He also promised to check up with the doctor there. He feels much of this is due to Scooter’s age and not the thyroid issue because the symptoms are still not fully matching. Cats with thyroid problems eat a lot and Scooter does not eat a lot anymore. I won’t likely hear from him again until Monday.

So I am going to have a bad weekend. I didn’t sleep last night because Scooter wasn’t beside me. I woke up, saw her bed, her dish, her toys and was reminded of her. Then I came home today and saw the same things. A few minutes ago, I caught myself checking her litter box even though she wasn’t even home to use it.

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