Post 501 or a Pair of 501s?

Yeah, this is post 501. I missed the big celebration of 500 🙂 Life goes on. The blog is at 196,000 hits or thereabouts. I’m going to break 200,000 before the year ends. That’s just mind blowing. Most of the visitors are still looking at Led Zeppelin posts and Daniel Radcliffe posts. So if you need a blog topic, those are them. I suppose a Daniel Radcliffe sings Led Zeppelin post would put me over a million…. ::laughs::

Next up, before I get to the interesting stuff, is a word of warning to all users of Norton 360. We use this crapware at work. They’ve started pushing out notices that a new version is available at no charge with your current subscription. Nothing wrong with the new version that wasn’t wrong in the old version: it’s bloated, slows your system down, but does the job it claims to do. However, there is a horrendous bug in the installation script. If you have any Norton product besides 360, please be advised that as part of the upgrade process it deletes your ENTIRE “Symantec” folder which means all applications installed there are ALL deleted. Without asking. At work we use Procomm on a few PCs (yeah, we have a few for practical reason, though are still mostly AIX) to connect to the AIX box. It got nuked. It took me 4 hours to fix it because the new version of Norton doesn’t allow any program to install itself if it uses any Symantec DLL’s because it views it is a threat. No way around it except to totally and complete un-install Norton. The easy work around is to DUPLICATE your entire Symantec folder and then after the upgrade drag your other applications back in there. I called, argued, and they insist it asks you if it’s okay but of course it doesn’t.

Now, on to the interesting stuff. Or interesting to someone.

I’ve decided to divorce a particular friend. No names or genders. I am just tired of repeated bitchy replies to e-mails, the constant droning on-and-on-and-on about the same few topics. I don’t hate the person, but I just don’t need the attitude. I’ll just ignore the person’s emails, stop sending them any of my own, and they’ll slowly get the hint and go away. I don’t think said person reads my blog, so I don’t think they’ll recognize themselves here. Is this the best way to divorce a friend? I think it would be easier on them if I said something. I think they’re so self-centered they might not even notice so much.

I went to the doctor yesterday. That was an ordeal. I had a 3pm appointment, I called at 200 to make sure they were on time — as this doctor is famous for being behind. They said only a few minutes. I got there around 240pm. I didn’t see the doctor until 515pm. When I left at 550pm, there were still patients waiting. The last appointment of the day is at 330pm. I said something when they brought me in but it didn’t even get me an apology. I hate that. Only one more appointment with this doctor, and I will say something after that. (I made my appointment early in the AM so he can get behind with someone else.) As for the news, there has been no progress. None. There is no surgery in the future (said doctor happens to be a surgeon) and he feels there is a very real possibility I will not get better. Ever. He recommends continued treatment by my chiropractor. I have been collecting names of attorneys and will be hiring one within the next 30 to 60 days. Progressive — the Evil Insurance Company From Hell — really needs to learn that if its drivers are at fault they need to stop treating the victim like a criminal and lying and being generally assholeish. (New Word!)

Lastly, I watched the season premiere of Heroes last night. What a disappointment. Really. I wanted to like it so badly. But they haven’t learned. They’re delving deeper into the time travel shit. Did they forget how much everyone hated Hiro’s trip in time last season? Well now it’s so messed up, it’s hard to keep track of. I think it’s about done for me. Sad but true. There was even a spectacular continuity gaffe: last season Hiro’s dad gave his company to his daughter because Hiro wanted to be a hero and not a CEO. Now, guess who’s the CEO with the daughter forgotten? Hiro. And it’s in the present so it’s not another time travel screw up — of which they had plenty. Blech. I’ll give it a few more episodes, but I think there may be a shark sighting any day.

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