Scooter Visit (Tues)

I went to visit Scooter today after work, or more accurately I left work before 4pm and went to visit Scooter. They made me wait a few minutes before I could see her. Because she can’t be moved, I have to visit her back in the actual clinic — they normally don’t allow visitors. But that’s where she’s housed because it’s staffed 24/7. While I waited, I filled out all the paperwork for Saturday’s big test and paid for my bill up to now. Thank God for credit cards.

She was asleep, of course, when I walked in. On a bed of blankets and lined with one of those blue/white accident cloths under it. There was an IV hooked up to her front paw. I opened the door and pet her, but she didn’t really move. Then I whispered in her ear, and remembered she can’t hear any more. So, I rubbed her nose gently (in the special spot she likes) until she decided to open her eyes. She saw me and started to purr but she didn’t really have much strength, so just continued to lay there. I continued to pet her and stroke her until she fell asleep and for awhile thereafter.

I ran to my car and drove home.

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