Apple, Ghosts, MacBook vs MacBook Pro

Thanks to Suzie-Q and Randy who came back with answers on the MacBook v MacBook Pro. Amazingly none of my local geek friends answered or knew the answers. Their answers — not fact checked because I trust them — are:

  1. MacBook is less durable because it has a polycarbonate case versus the MacBook Pro which is solid aluminium — that means the Pro is heavier
  2. The Pro has a way better screen
  3. The Pro has a way better touch pad in theory — but this is zero issue because I hate touch pads and use a mouse and for me this is a minus as I need a less sensitive one when I do use one because my fat fingers have trouble with touch pads
  4. The MacBook shares its RAM with both video and computing whereas the MacBook Pro has separate video memory
  5. The MacBook gets better WiFi reception because the Pro’s metal case interferes with the signal. 
  6. The Pro is lighter by about 1/2 pound and is a bit thinner (though slightly wider)
  7. The Pro’s battery last much longer, though on the downside it’s integrated and not replaceable
  8. The Pro has Firewire 800 not 400 but this isn’t an issue for me
  9. You can expend memory on the Pro but not the regular: but with 2GB standard, I think it’s enough
  10. The Pro is faster, but not by enough for anyone to care
  11. There are some minor differences in what cables you have to use with various audio and video ports for hooking up external devices, but this is not an issue as the purpose of this machine is for employees to take on business trips. 

I’ll probably wait until late in the month to decide, because I hear new models are coming out. It’s damn likely, I’m going to be forced into buying a low-priced Wintel machine anyway. So very sad, but I can understand.

Speaking of Apple, they withdrew from the US Chamber of Commerce over the USCC’s environmental policies. The USCC is a very, very conservative organization whose goals are to further that of American business. While they try to appear progressive, they aren’t. I know. Our company used to belong as well, but we left years ago because while it was good for our business (they lobbied hard for many things that benefited our company), I have to sleep at night and some of their policies were bothersome to me on a personal level. Unlike some companies, we actually care about our employees. The USCC’s website will tell you more about them. They do some really good things like fighting for lower health care costs, but since I have a say in the running of our company, I like to make sure we do the right thing even if it isn’t always the right thing for the company.

Lastly, I’m going to share a story with you about something that happened yesterday. I wasn’t going to post it, because nobody will believe me. Hell, I wouldn’t believe me. I’m sure you all remember my blog posts about Scooter — I am still sad — and many of you local people had the honour of meeting her. Some of you will remember coming home and finding a roll of paper towels or toilet paper shredded to within an inch of its life. This is a common form of cat entertainment. The cat gets entertained whilst spinning and shredding the roll, and then again when the cat’s servant (some of you may use the word owner, but I assure you that is not the correct word) comes home and has to clean up a ton of paper that is strewn about. They watch you and laugh.

The night before last, I got up at around 3am to go to the bathroom. Yes, I know you care about that. Normally I don’t turn the light on the in the bathroom. I mean, I know where everything is and how it works. I felt something a little slippery when I went in and thought fuck, something’s broken. I turned on the light. The roll of toilet paper in my bathroom was partially shredded. I live alone and nothing with claws lives in my house. Yeah, cue the Twilight Zone music. That’s twice Scooter has made her presence known (14 May 2009 post. Item #2) and both times involving my bathroom. Which is odd, since she didn’t come into my bathroom very often. I pretty much had written off the first incident, this one, I don’t think so. I cleaned up the mess, and it was still there in the morning, so it wasn’t a waking dream or anything.

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