Installing Mac OS-X on a Dell

[This post updated 6-7-05 with additional information and citations] Yes, it’s true. Sometime in 2007, you will likely be able to install OS-X 10.5 on your crappy-ass Dell. Apple is losing the big competitive difference they once had. Instead, they’re becoming one of the pack. Apple’s sales may go up, but what made us love […]

A Vulgar Musical Interlude

First, the world famous and very ribald Hedgehog Song (as seen in Terry Pratchett’s works) Second, we have Maxwell’s Silver Hammer by the Beatles unlike you’ve ever seen it. I hope this improves your weekend considerably. — E

Crazy Frog or Coldplay?

Why on earth did Crazy Frog beat Coldplay as Britain’s number one song? Yeah, okay, it’s just totally wrong. But you gotta admit a video of a frog with a dick muttering incoherently to Axel-F’s theme has some charm to it. If you want the unedited one (with the Frog’s dangly bits not blurred out): […]

Mean Creek and American Idiot

This was a banner weekend for audio and video. First, I finally bought and listened to Green Day’s American Idiot . It’s fantastic through and through. Not your usual Green Day, but it’s just amazing. Not only does it (literally) rock, it’s got a great deal to say. I recommend this album to everyone who […]

Revenge of the Sith

This is a retro-post. I put this online 24 December 2005 using the date it was originally sent out. SPOILERS **DO NOT READ BELOW THIS – PLENTY OF SPOILERS (Well it’s hard to have spoilers for a film which everyone seeing it already knows how it must end, but Lucas has surprises for everyone in […]

OK, I’m pissed

Someone typed “IT’S” when they meant “ITS” and I flamed them. “I hate you” was the general reply. I created a response to that, and I was rather proud of it, so here it comes: People who can’t use an apostrophe properly aren’t entitled to hate. Hell, as far as I’m concerned, they shouldn’t even […]

Firefox Rocks Again

(This bit from 4-29-05)Yeah, I’ve posted about Firefox before. However, today it reached an amazing milestone. 50 million Downloads. Yeah, can you believe that? For several years, IE has commanded in excess of 95% share of the web browser market despite the fact it sucks more than a nymphomaniac in heat (this applies across all […]


Well, I upgraded my Mac to OS 10.3.9 yesterday and it’s running fine. For me, that’s a miracle as every single upgrade I ever do ends in disaster. ::knock on wood:: So, after that I read on MacFixIt that Virtual PC doesn’t work under OS-X 10.3.9 and you have to revert to 10.3.8 but it […]

Lennon & Sneezing Blood

It’s Monday and like all Mondays something has to go wrong. I’m sneezing up blood. I’ve been sick for 12 days now; something with the sinuses ’cause it’s not really in my chest though now it seems like that it might be heading in that direction. That’s bad, right? It might be time for a […]

Lennon The Musical (Review of Preview)

This is a retro-post. I put this online 24 December 2005 using the date it was originally sent out. (FIRST, an excerpt from the San Jose Mercury News) MUSICAL ABOUT THE COUNTERCULTURE ICON JUMPS ON BROADWAY’S NOSTALGIA BANDWAGONBy Karen D’Souza “Imagine all the people sharing all the world.” Now imagine nine actors, male and female, […]